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European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

ESTIEM is the organisation for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, who combine technological understanding with management skills. ESTIEM's goal is to establish and foster relations between students across Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development. The network consists of 79 Local Groups in 31 countries, reaching out to 60 000 students.

Local Group Milan

ESTIEM LG Milan is the official network of IEM students of Politecnico di Milano. Our goal is to offer you a wide range of cross-departmental local activities, which will help you growing your personal and professional skills. Being part of LG Milan, you will also have the possibility to join ESTIEM network, participating to many events organized in Europe and hosted by other Local Groups. ESTIEM LG Milan is commitment, friendship and fun learning.

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Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


Local Responsible

Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


Head of Human Resources

Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


Head of Human Resources

Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


Head of IT & Design

Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


Head of PR & Marketing

Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


Head of Finance & Administration

Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano


ESTIEM Exchange

I participated to the exchange with LG Krakow in April 2015. Guided by a group of Polish ESTIEMers we visited Auschwitz, Krakow and the amazing Salt mines. We've savored our short stay like polish students would do, having typical meals at 5PM, BBQ at university campus and spending nights in local pubs! I will never forget the last night when we had a party all together at the terrace of an historic building in the central square of the city. The view was amazing! It would have never happened if I were on a trip on my own.


ESTIEM Academic Days

I participated to a 6 academic days event organised by LG Bremen. The main theme tackled was wind energy and its future development. We were given specific insights about what is going on in Europe and Germany regarding the issue. We have been exposed to real life esperiences such as having a meeting with a managing director of a project development company. We also visited a wind farm! On the other hand, the nights were characterised by leisure activities, out of which I would highlight for sure the last night where we enjoyed the university summer party which was just insane! Sure a superlative and unique experience I would recommend to anyone.



My team and I participated at the event TIMES, a competition where eight teams had to deliver a solution to a case study that was evaluated by a pool of professors. The competition was very challenging and intense. We had the chance to implement most of the skills that we gained in our lectures. The task that they gave was interesting and needed a lot of patience and analytical and problem solving skills. I can say we totally had fun, even if the competition was tough. We are very eager to participate in the next year as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What being a member of ESTIEM implies? what being part of LG Milan implies?

Being a member of ESTIEM does not require big efforts. The time you spend for ESTIEM is the time you will be abroad participating to the events; that's it. You will also have the chance to cover a position at European level if you are highly motivated. Being part of LG Milan does not require big efforts as well: it's all about the level of involvement you want to put in it. We usually meet altogether once a month, but we constantly communicate on the closed group on Facebook. As member of LG Milan, you will have the possibility to participate to the local events we organize and, if you want to be more involved, to give your help organizing events and participate to the recruiting activities.

I am interested in becoming a member of ESTIEM. what should I do now?

1) Take part to one of the weekly Q&A session planned. make sure you select join to the event on our official Facebook page. 2) Click on the button join us and fill the form in all the fields. 3) Your application will then be analyzed by our HR responsible then accepted or rejected. If accepted, you will be part of LG Milan as a trial member and we will add you to our closed group on Facebook. 4) In order to become full member you need to show your motivation, participating to our meetings and activities in the month that follows the acceptance of your application. 5) You will pay 5€ for the registration (una tantum) and you will receive your personal membership card that will be valid through your entire university career. At this point you will be part of the ESTIEMers of Politecnico and you will be included in our LinkedIn group and mail newsletter.

When I visit, username and password are required, how can I create my account?

Even if you don't have an account you can see the official events on Your account on ESTIEM website will be created by the Local Responsible whenever you are interested in participating to an event abroad; this step will be necessary just in that case, don't worry about it. Obviously you need to be registered in LG Milan before.

How can I apply to an event abroad?

If you see you might be interested to an event somewhere in Europe, you can contact the HR responsible to express your will to participate. He will give you more information about that event. Please make sure you are able to participate to that event before to apply. Once you will be sure you can participate, the HR Responsible will create you account so you can autonomously proceed with the application, hoping to be selected.

How will I receive the internal communication of the Local Group?

We mainly communicate on our facebook closed group and page. The most important communication and news will be given by email through the newsletter.

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